On The Best Year Of Our Lives

“A compelling account of a teenage Camelot… a rich tapestry of life in 1970s Britain – the music, the fashions, and that memorable long hot summer of 1976.” – Ray Burston (Author of The Summer Of ’76 and eight other titles).

“As a writer and editor, I am very impressed with this debut novel. The exceptional quality of the writing and the excellent characterizations kept my interest… I highly recommend it!” – Susan L. Stewart (US author and editor).

“A gorgeous feeling of yearning accompanies this journey through that hardest of times, the ages between twelve and fifteen, particularly if it was ‘your era’. An air of innocence still surrounded us then, and this lovely novel illustrates this so well… a long, beautiful meander by the metaphorical river of life.” – Diana Wilde (Author, The Glam Rock Files).

All of Phil’s books are available to purchase from Amazon in both paperback and ebook format. The Best Year Of Our Lives and 1000 Memories of 1976 are also available in hard cover. Please click on the links below.

The Best Year Of Our Lives by Phil Andrews
The Best Year Of Our Lives – Eight young people led by Paul Adams, a dreamer and hopeless nostalgic who yearns for the past even as he basks in a glorious present, embark upon a mission which has no name towards their appointment with a destiny which none can define. Commenting on this novel, music legend Steve Harley wrote: “It must have been a slog, labouring through an opus of 400 pages, but, trust me, it was worth it.” Click here to purchase.
Being 58 by Phil Andrews
Being 58 – The author of The Best Year Of Our Lives looks back on his days as a 1970s teenager and asks – where did it all go? This 30-page booklet takes the reader on a contemplative and sometimes wistful tour through what is sometimes referred to as the mid-life crisis. Click here to purchase.

1000 Memories of 1976 by Phil Andrews
1000 Memories Of 1976 – A compendium of memories, anecdotes and reflections provided by over a thousand contributors from both sides of the Atlantic. The long hot summer in the UK, the ladybird invasion, the US Bicentennial, sporting memories, world events, films, fashion, music and so much more. Beautiful recollections of a wonderful year brought together for posterity, never to be forgotten. Click here to purchase.

1976: The Return of the Thin White Duke by Phil Andrews
1976: The Return Of The Thin White Duke – A critical and sometimes controversial look into the mind and soul of David Bowie’s darkest character. In this highly-acclaimed booklet the author analyses Bowie’s work during this seminal period of his career and asks why it so often receives scant attention from the mainstream rock media. Click here to purchase.


“I’ve read it from cover to cover, almost without a break. Over two days, you have entertained me riotously. We’ve all been there, our formative years. And I feel pleased and privileged to have been an influential part of yours … it must have been a slog, labouring through an opus of 400 pages, but, trust me, it was worth it.”

Singer-songwriter Steve Harley, Cockney Rebel
“Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)”

Steve Harley

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